My dad and I were talking on the phone the other day, and he mentioned his high blood pressure. He’s a smoker and has been a drinker, so that is definitely part of the problem of course. He’s in his 60’s now, and while he’s always been in relatively good health, life is starting to catch up to him. I can’t help but think about how it’s going to catch up to me soon, too. Of course, thee are things we can both do to focus on staying healthier, and since I too am a smoker, focusing on tips for helping to lower blood pressure (and checking erectile dysfunction info) would be a goo start.

There are actually foods that you can eat as part of your diet that can help to lower your blood pressure. If you eat the right foods, you’re also taking out the wrong foods at the same time. It would be interesting to know how much of an effect these foods could have on a person’s diet. I looked up some of these foods, and I’m going to give you three important choices for your diet.

Before I give you three individual foods, I also want to suggest that a vegan or vegetarian diet is actually recommended for lowering blood pressure. That should tell you quite a bit about what to expect when searching out foods that lower blood pressure. Bananas and white potatoes are two choices. I’m going to make you smile with the third suggestion. It is dark chocolate.