Jesus is the best part of me,
and my faith in Him is the biggest part of me;
it has led me to Michigan for Bible school,
back to [where I grew up in] Pennsylvania to deal with sickness,
and to California for nothing but the push of the perfect hand of God.
It has been my rock when all tumbles underneath me,
and has been my light and encouragement when I can see nothing but darkness.

My God is the God of the universe,
the One and only who created me,
who sent His perfect son, Jesus Christ,
to earth to die and suffer for me.

Because of Jesus, I may now have an unhindered relationship with God,
un-separated by sin, because I am now covered in the precious blood of Christ.

It is my drive and purpose to live for Him, by His strength,
to be a vessel to show the world His Grace,
and to be His hands and feet.
I am humbled and blessed by His love for me.